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We are specialists in Heating and Cooling, Solar, Smart Automation, Kitchen and Laundry appliances. We were established in 1952 and have become one of the most successful one stop electrical appliance stores in Australia. We have a reputation for delivering exceptional service & product knowledge, combined with a huge range of brands and products. Clients include families who have shopped with us for generations.

Yes, as a specialist, we do ‘no obligation’ on site quotations although during the peak periods of summer and winter it is a faster process if you are able to bring a plan or drawing of the property in to our showroom where we can assess your needs.

Camberwell Electrics has our own dedicated installation department and ‘apart’ from the certificates of compliance; our company backs all of the installations carried out by our teams with a 6 year workmanship warranty.

Very much so. A good quality modern Inverter split system will heat a given area every bit as efficiently as natural gas space heater.

No, unlike domestic electrical space heaters which are approximately 100% efficient, there is no electric element in a split air conditioner. It uses 1 unit of electricity to transfer up to 4 units of heat energy into your property; up to 400% energy efficient.


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