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FAQs For Air Conditioning At Camberwell Electrics

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Frequently Asked Questions on Air Conditioning

What sort of Air Conditioning do I need?

  • There are two basic types of  Air Conditionings – refrigerated and water cooled. 
  • Water cooled Air Conditionings are suitable for use in dryer climates.
  • Refrigerated Air Conditionings can be used in all types of climate but are most effective in higher moisture or humid/coastal areas, such as Melbourne.


Can I see makes and models working so I can make an informed decision?

  • Yes. At Camberwell Electrics we have many working models on display.
  • Our fully trained staff will give you advice on the right model for you. They will help you select the Air Conditioning that will suit your needs and your budget.

What system do I require for my home/office/business?

  • The system that you need will vary, depending on the area that you need to cool. 
  • Visit for more information.
  • Come into our Melbourne store and see our working displays.

Are the Air Conditionings environmentally efficient and friendly?

  • It is important to ask the experts as all Air Conditionings vary on power usage and output.
  • Our experienced staff can provide you with the right solution to suit your needs. Our Melbourne store has energy efficient  Air conditionings on display.

Do I require Single units or a Split system?

  • Single units are fitted into the window or wall and have all the air conditioning components in the one unit.
  • Split systems allow for quieter running as the unit is split and the compressor is installed away from the air outlet. Split units can also have several cooling points. Camberwell Electrics will help you choose the right unit for you. Come into our Melbourne store and see the huge range of working displays.

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